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🕐 07-31-11 11:42canicuss wrote:
Amazing expressions on their faces.
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🕐 04-26-11 23:21peplum wrote:
portrait is very good but we really miss context
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🕐 11-22-10 21:58machjakub wrote:
Thank you for your comment! You are right about circles, now i see it as well.
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🕐 11-18-10 11:34machjakub wrote:
Pretty rare plant in my country - its distribution is located at only one small hill.
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Photo 506996
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🕐 11-18-10 11:19machjakub wrote:
unprocessed image, wide open
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🕐 09-28-10 12:26shapencolour wrote:
Very nice warm autumn colours on the stall.
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Photo 505233
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🕐 09-14-10 11:02rick perry wrote:
Good shot!

This could be a nice backdrop for a Wine Advertisement. Rick