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Photo 556084
Photo by jeroen
🕐 02-12-23 08:45cyra wrote:
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Photo 516159
Photo by jeroen
🕐 03-26-22 07:01photosphere42 wrote:
Very nice.
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Photo 606443
Photo by jeroen
🕐 11-08-20 20:26JT wrote:
very moody.
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Photo 606456
Photo by jeroen
🕐 10-17-20 15:06hyperfocal wrote:
Minimalist and painterly...
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Photo 606444
Photo by jeroen
🕐 10-14-20 12:57hyperfocal wrote:
Great landscape.
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Last sunlight hitten the rocks of AlcĂ ntara river, Sicily.
Photo by jeroen
🕐 03-28-18 06:11photosphere42 wrote:
Very nice, well done!
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Photo 556081
Photo by jeroen
🕐 03-12-18 16:03hyperfocal wrote:
I think your images would greatly benefit from a short description of physical location, like: "Lake Michigan", or "Upper Kenai Peninsula", so the viewer might appreciate location, and lengths you went to to get it...
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Photo 556082
Photo by jeroen
🕐 03-11-18 08:45jeroen wrote:
Thanks, Walter.
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U Bein Bridge
Photo by jeroen
🕐 02-09-18 23:22jeroen wrote:
Thank, hyperfocal , that's what I liked about it too.
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Photo 533886
Photo by jeroen
🕐 12-27-17 17:12hyperfocal wrote:
Cheerful portrait.
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