Comments for Robert Bernstein

🕐 11-17-17 11:28 PMgauravaryal
Beautiful colours.
🕐 12-24-16 8:14 PMct999
Steampunk at the So Cal Renaissance Faire
hahaha, this guy is awesome. Reminds me of tik-tok from Wizard of Oz II!
🕐 05-26-16 5:38 PMphotosphere42
Renaissance Faire, Southern California
🕐 05-26-16 3:46 PMJT
Steampunk at the So Cal Renaissance Faire
I would encourage people to click on the Full Size link to see this picture. Pretty impressive!
🕐 05-19-16 3:54 AMJT
Steampunk at the So Cal Renaissance Faire
I love these types of portraits and this one is great. Love the processing and colors too!
🕐 05-15-16 12:48 PMJT
Renaissance Faire, Southern California
Brilliant colors!
🕐 03-12-16 3:27 AMgeoffmurray
Great image. Is it focus stacked?
🕐 11-22-15 7:46 AMchf
Lens Pipe Lighter
🕐 10-12-15 8:45 AMhyperfocal
Lake Sabrina, California. Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains
I like the saturation of the foliage here. Did you use a polarizer?
🕐 05-21-15 9:59 AMpr_aero
Lens Pipe Lighter
What a great composition and story. You can keep looking for more, and you find it. Well done.
I quess its a .ZF2, it shines as well
🕐 01-21-15 9:30 AMJT
Face Painting
Another great example of what this lens can do in the right hands.
🕐 01-21-15 8:53 AMphotosphere42
Face Painting
Nice image!
🕐 01-21-15 4:49 AMriverguy
Face Painting
Great idea for composition. Just the right amount of partial focus on the girl with the brush.
🕐 09-27-14 1:22 AMjean-ber52
Monarch Butterfly
Superbe composition , superbe image BRAVO Rbfresno
🕐 09-25-14 11:18 AMaquilan
Monarch Butterfly
Very nice contrast between foreground's sharpness and background's bokeh :)
🕐 09-23-14 12:53 PMcyra
The Glasss Blower; Corning Museum of Glass
love the framing and monochrom vs colour effect!
🕐 07-21-14 8:37 AMJT
Standard Poodle, "Teddy"
Fantastic capture!
🕐 07-21-14 3:17 AMaquilan
Standard Poodle, "Teddy"
I am 2nd after Rainer :)
🕐 07-21-14 1:59 AMz-enthusiast
Standard Poodle, "Teddy"
Hej, SUPER captured! Kudos!
🕐 06-17-14 7:26 AMriverguy
Glass Blower at Corning Museum of Glass
Wonderful composition and processing. I remember the incredible collection of paperweights at the Corning Museum.
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