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Back Alley. Sultanahmet, Istanbul.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 09-11-23 19:39JT wrote:
Still curious about the dog.
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Blanca Lake. Washington Cascades.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 08-28-23 21:33JT wrote:
Last time I hiked Blanca lake was in the 90's. Love it!
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Lago Grey. Patagonia, Chile.
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🕐 03-08-23 06:42cyra wrote:
like the drama!
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Third Beach. Olympic Nat. Park, Wa.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 03-30-18 20:37hyperfocal wrote:
I have some images from Shi Shi., but it's too late to have it posted. You can never predict weather on the coast. It's finicky. I suggest rubber boots for the stretch of the trail between Makah Reservation and Shi Shi. It's 5 miles of mud even in the summer.
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Paine Grande, Patagonia, Chile.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 12-23-17 10:15photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image, wonderful subject!
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Rio Electrico, Patagonia, Argentina.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 12-07-17 03:36kurtbekar wrote:
The fescination lanscape
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Russian Butte and middle fork Snoqualmie, Washington State.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 11-22-17 14:40dannz wrote:
love the moody light
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Rees Track. Mt. Aspiring Nat. Park, NZ.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 04-28-16 13:18bajanexile wrote:
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Old Paria. Utah.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 01-22-16 18:31JT wrote:
Love it when people upload images captured on film! Great !
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Snow Lake. Washington Cascades.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 01-04-16 14:57JT wrote:
Yeap. The one on the way to Enchantments was the one I was talking about. Grueling hike !
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