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🕐 06-26-20 11:53 AMaquilan
Photo: 104916
By: JT
It looks great, 3D pop-up effect of scene..
🕐 06-7-19 2:05 AMyuriylux
Photo - 102513
By: JT
Delightful lens!!!
🕐 05-13-18 11:02 PMJT
Photo 100004
By: JT
This was actually taken with a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 ZM. But the damn M10 thinks it's a Summilux :(
🕐 12-17-17 11:41 AMthomascowing
Photo 240
By: JT
Love the colors. Now I want the Makro Planar;)
🕐 06-30-17 8:45
Photo 54075
By: JT
C' est un super beau chien !!! J' adore ....
🕐 06-23-17 11:19
Photo 54011
By: JT
SUPER ! cette version ne noir et blanc . Félicitations !
🕐 08-26-16 11:38 AMhyperfocal
Photo 50936
By: JT
Face straight from 'Lord of The Rings'.
🕐 05-13-16 10:02 AMJT
Photo 49467
By: JT
Too much time ?
🕐 05-2-16 11:56 AMbajanexile
Photo 49555
By: JT
Nice shot Jorge.
🕐 04-23-16 8:47 PMJT
Photo 49401
By: JT
camjones wrote:

How do you like that D5? \n\n\n

So far I love it! It's a bit on the large side but feels fine in hand. I have not picked up the Sony since I got the D5.
🕐 04-23-16 11:47 AMcamjones
Photo 49401
By: JT
How do you like that D5?
🕐 04-15-16 2:42 PMcamjones
Photo 49338
By: JT
Oh yeah . . . Giving new meaning to the phrase, "dog faced". LoL.
🕐 03-25-16 3:43 PMJT
Photo 49107
By: JT
Very first shot with the new D5 and Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Milvus
🕐 03-7-16 2:53 AMbenhh
The staredown
By: JT
Perfect timing :)
🕐 02-13-16 9:55 PMcamjones
Photo 48080
By: JT
@philber: Also... just because you don't see the EXIF info on pictures posted on a site doesn't mean the lens or camera was unable to record it. You could choose to exclude it from the image file you are uploading or in many cases, the EXIF gets lost in post-processing.
🕐 02-13-16 1:01 PMphilber
Photo 48080
By: JT
The real reason I asked, Jorge, is that the picture didn't look like Loxia I had. So I thought you were better than me at PPing it...
🕐 02-13-16 12:19 PMJT
Photo 48080
By: JT
philber wrote:

Jorge, how is it that the Loxia doesn't record EXIF on the A7? Mine did, it was one of its nicer features Vs adapted lenses.\n\n\n

My bad. Thanks for catching that. It is not the Loxia. It is the new Milvus 50mm 1.4 Distagon and I have corrected the entry now.
🕐 02-13-16 1:56 AMphilber
Photo 48080
By: JT
Jorge, how is it that the Loxia doesn't record EXIF on the A7? Mine did, it was one of its nicer features Vs adapted lenses.
🕐 01-19-16 5:15 PMdalth500
Photo 1494
By: JT
Interesting to see how the place has changed
🕐 01-2-16 3:32 PMcamjones
Photo 48009
By: JT
On tap... That 50mm Milvus looks like a good one.
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