Comments for Sven

🕐 11-23-17 5:14 AMdannz
By: slenz
beautiful reflection
🕐 11-22-17 7:25 AMwalter
Winter Sunstar
By: slenz
Very prominent and fantastic sharp sun-star, as well as the stray-light on the frozen plants in the foreground. Solid komposistion and wonderful colours!
🕐 11-20-17 10:50 PMberto
Frozen Tree
By: slenz
Very cool!
🕐 11-17-17 12:02 AMwalter
Frozen Tree
By: slenz
What great dynamic in the 2 trees in the foreground, especially against the blue backdrop of the mountains. Well exposed winter-scene in harsh sunlight. I can feel the cold ...!
🕐 11-16-17 11:59 PMwalter
The Last Light of the Day
By: slenz
I really like the might of the mountains in comparison with the small house below. Great exposure.
🕐 12-5-16 10:41 PMjennikupelian
My Home Town @ Night
By: slenz
beautiful! I know know very much about stitching images together..interesting..
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