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🕐 02-12-21 12:31 PMmr.t posted Click to view details
Photo 102607
Photo by: mr.t
Hi jt and thanx for stopping by. Totally agree, those mountains is spectacular and if you (or any one else) has the opportunity to go to Nepal and hike, I highly recommend you to do that, cause you will come across spectacular sceneries such as this one above.

I'm going back this year autumn if the Nepali government i s letting in tourists again.

Thanxs once more for showing interest in my work.

Mr. T
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🕐 10-21-20 11:49 PMmr.t posted Click to view details
Photo - 104806
Photo by: mr.t
Thank you again, I'm really glad you like it.
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🕐 12-23-15 12:43 AMmr.t posted Click to view details
Sunrise national day, 2013.
Photo by: mr.t
ericgl wrote:

Clarity & noise are a bit high, but I like it.\n\n\nHi and Thanx for your comment !

The reason for the defects you`re pointing out, could probably be found in the processing . This picture is processed on a non- calibrated laptop in Nik HDR-EFEX 2 software, and my first (and so far) only serious attempt to process in a NIK-software.

Anyway, Thanx for stoppning by and share your reflections with me (and other wiewers in the futute).