Comments for Stjepan Svaljek

🕐 05-15-18 10:02 AMJT
A Glimpse of Hope
Magical image. Out of this world good!
🕐 01-23-18 3:10 PMphilipbrindle
High Up There
Very nice shot, make sure you get it printed, I'm sure it would look even more beautiful hanging on your wall...
🕐 12-23-17 7:06 PMblueclearsky
High Up There
Nice tones
🕐 12-23-17 6:04 PMkanuck
High Up There
Beautiful scene! Lovely capture :)
🕐 12-20-17 8:11 PMhyperfocal
High Up There
Dramatic landscape image.
🕐 10-10-16 12:16 PMJT
Days to Remember
Nice classic look.
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