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🕐 12-25-16 8:42 AMw0werine
Hey There
Jes Bahasa is fun :D learned a couple of words myself
🕐 12-25-16 8:21 AMct999
Hey There
Ah, yea my first time out of the USA was to Java, Indonesia in 2008, then 2009 and most recently 2016 :-) Indonesia is one of my favorite countries. The people are great,and the language is like the easiest to learn in the world!
🕐 12-25-16 3:17 AMw0werine
Hey There
Java, Indonesia :) people are extra nice there.
🕐 12-25-16 3:15 AMw0werine
Rice Field Walker
Bali, Indonesia. I will post the reedit soon :)
🕐 12-25-16 3:13 AMw0werine
Sarajevo Sunset
Hi! I used minor Lightroom color adjustments, no photoshop. The raw image looked almost like this ;)
🕐 12-24-16 8:06 PMct999
Hey There
Haha, reminds me of the minion characters!
🕐 12-24-16 8:05 PMct999
Rice Field Walker
Cool, where was this? Sapa Vietnam?
🕐 12-24-16 8:04 PMct999
Sarajevo Sunset
Really interesting hues! Was that all natural and/or only white balance adjustments? I'm curious how you achieved the purple/blueish nice hues -- was it adjusting the tint and/or hues/luminance?
🕐 11-30-15 12:35 PMchf
I love how happy and spaced out she looks!
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