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🕐 12-24-16 10:55 AMfnf posted Click to view details
Boulders at the Great Langdale
Photo by: fnf
nathanwestcott wrote:

Great shot. Love the darker sky and light on the foreground\n\n\n

Thanks!. It took me a couple days to wait out for just the right moment but it was all worth it! :) . I love dramatic skies and unpredictable weather as well.
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🕐 12-15-15 11:09 AMfnf posted Click to view details
Messages from the Outer Space
Photo by: fnf
john mackuncon wrote:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.\n\n\n

Thank you for the compliment!.
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🕐 11-27-15 8:37 AMfnf posted Click to view details
The Old Master and the Young Disciples
Photo by: fnf Thank you for your comment!.