Comments for Philip Brindle

🕐 12-24-17 3:01 PMtivv
DSME Industrial
Love this. The color and composition are great.
🕐 11-22-17 7:30 AMwalter
Whytecliff Point, Vancouver
Nice landscape by the sea with smooth waters. I think I would crop about halve of the sky (as there is nothing spectacular there), to avoid the horizon being so close to the middle of the hight, Think more in lines of the "rule of thirds"...
Best of luck!
🕐 01-8-16 9:12 AMmichal1980
My work place, Okpo, South Korea
Interesting, with lot of elements, sharpness and colors.
I see Distagon 21 is doing great job!
🕐 11-26-15 11:18 PM4zarts
DSME Industrial
really amazing! fantastic view
🕐 08-6-15 8:03 AMdonuss
Okpo, South Korea
Great lights and colors.
🕐 06-28-15 7:09 AMhyperfocal
DSME Industrial
It's an abstract painting!
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