Comments for Brent Seward

🕐 12-26-17 2:15 PMfotographz
Photo 55677
By: tivv
good "eye" in seeing this to make a photo of it. The four small faces against that big bald head.
🕐 12-26-17 2:06 PMfotographz
Photo 55718
By: tivv
I see pain and passion.
Wow...great use of light and shadow.
🕐 12-18-13 7:28 AMtivv
Photo 34797
By: tivv
She was watching a film that was being projected and texting a friend simultaneously. It appears the movie was able to capture her attention away from her phone, if only for a little while. Congrats on your win by the way. Enjoy your new lens!
🕐 12-18-13 3:08 AMfilipeb
Photo 34797
By: tivv
Very good! She seems to be hypnotized. Is it a projection? A game?
🕐 12-12-13 11:49 PMaquilan
By: tivv
Perfect Retro-conversion, I like it :)
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