Comments for Brian Hamill

🕐 10-28-13 2:54 PMJT
Trees in Fog
This is beautiful in every way. And I think it would only work in B&W. Well done. My only critique would be the big white border which for me distracts from the photo itself. Same compliment and critique on your other tree pictures. Wonderful!
🕐 10-24-13 1:00
Ancient Tree
Fantastique photo !!!!!!!
Félicitations !
🕐 10-24-13 12:13 PMloonaclik
Ancient Tree
Thanks for these comments guys. It's a wonderful subject.

🕐 10-24-13 12:01 PMtom barry
Ancient Tree
A perfect subject for monochrome. Excellent presentation.
🕐 10-24-13 11:32 AMunicomichael
Ancient Tree
It's not everywhere you can see such an old Beech!
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