Comments for Darron Spohn

🕐 01-22-18 8:05 PMhyperfocal
Fallen Trees and Snow
Nice tonality.
🕐 12-15-15 7:36 AMnathanwestcott
Roskilde Kirke
Nice shot! Love the light on the building. It really creates a great shape.
🕐 08-7-13 2:13 PMlightcraftsman
Fallen Trees and Snow
Thanks torralba. I shot that on Fuji Astia and converted it to B&W in PhotoShop. The color just didn't work as well.
🕐 08-7-13 1:44 PMJT
Fallen Trees and Snow
Wonderful image.
🕐 06-15-13 7:15 AManatoly15
Yosemite Valley Fog
Exelent landscape.
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