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🕐 03-21-20 6:07 AMphotosphere42
Photo 104128
Nice image.
🕐 05-27-18 8:23 AMJT
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass
This is absolutely stunning. I only wish you had a 4k version posted so I could set it as my desktop background :)

The lighting and colors of this picture are spot on. It gives a sense of being there while the sun is setting. Again, Awesome!
🕐 05-14-18 4:06 PMJT
Mt. Hood
Breath taking photo!
🕐 05-14-18 4:03 PMJT
Cherry orchard
This is so pleasant to view. Wonderful image with great clarity and a soothing effect.
🕐 12-27-17 3:36 PMhyperfocal
Oregon strawberries
Love the shallow DOF here.
🕐 12-23-17 2:06 PMdalth500
Mt. Hood
When Zeiss says "It's apochromatic" they really can back it up. Difficult to find a better resolving 135mm.
🕐 11-27-17 8:54 PMgauravaryal
Mt. Hood and Sandy River
Beautiful landscape and contrast.
🕐 11-22-17 6:05 PMdalth500
Mt. Hood and Sandy River
Yes the D850 sensor and Zeiss glass are nearly perfect partners - this was literally the 200th image taken with the new body! I will repost it in 4K for you
🕐 11-22-17 4:10 PMJT
Mt. Hood and Sandy River
Wow. Amazing !!!!! Love the shades and tones. Can I get a 4k version for my computer background :)
🕐 11-12-17 11:11 PMdalth500
Grape leaves
Hand held - the D850 has an amazing sensor and when coupled with a Zeiss lens it is probably as good as full frame can get. This is literally the 15th image taken with the new D850 for me.
🕐 06-1-17 3:39 PMdalth500
New Sellwood Bridge
No star filter - When it is stopped down to 5.6 or higher the Zeiss 28mm delivers the 9 pointed stars naturally. Thanks for your question!
🕐 06-1-17 6:05 AMdonuss
New Sellwood Bridge
i like this lights you use a Star Filter?
🕐 02-11-17 11:32 PMJT
Willamette Falls pano
Wonderful shot. Love the lights and sky. I live near there and always looking for prime opportunities to photograph the falls. Great industrialscape.
🕐 11-22-16 8:48 AMJT
Threshing rice Nepal
I really like the composition and balance in this photo. The grouping of the people is just right as all faces are visible showing the fruits of their labor. However, This is not criticism of an excellent photo. But, I find the processing is lacking in some contrast or whites thus creating a dullish look. Was it the actual lighting condition that give this look or is there room to work with the whites and black in order to give it some more pop? None the less, its a great shot.
🕐 11-14-16 5:32 PMdalth500
Blue hour Nepal
Johnlarson - Thank you for taking a look and commenting. It was 10 days of trekking to get up to the Annapurna Base Camp. Most of the trek is through beautiful tropical and sub-tropical forest until you reach 2500 meters then it turns into Alpine terrain without trees. This small village with its tea houses is typical along this route.
🕐 11-9-16 12:59 PMjohnlarsen
Blue hour Nepal
Wow, great shot, exposure and place to be.
I envy you :-)
🕐 05-24-16 1:28 PMbajanexile
Beach Dog El Nido
🕐 05-19-16 10:45 PMJT
Ok Dalton, I want some of your frequent flyer miles :) You have done an amazing job of documenting the world in your travels. Well done. Love the crispness and details in your photos!
🕐 03-7-16 11:18 AMyuriylux
Fremont Bridge
🕐 02-25-16 5:48 AManatoly15
Mt. Hood pano
Definitely success!
135 mm was used "organically" in classic sense.
Color and light just "right".
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