Comments for Jim Craig

🕐 01-2-17 8:01 PMJT
Trekking the Desert
Awesome capture! Love the colors.
🕐 11-9-16 6:57 PMDaMessenjah
The Cast (Bait on Hook)
The black speck in the upper right corner is the baited hook being flung.
🕐 03-26-14 6:38 AMaquilan
I Called Him Ziggy
Nature is getting up :)
🕐 11-9-13 7:29 PMitaly74
Eurasian @ U.N. Day
Colorful, bella.
🕐 04-14-13 10:58 AMminoltazeiss
She looks like a genuinely nice person, Fantastic
🕐 04-11-13 6:24 AMaquilan
Hearst Castle
Very nice DoF, I like the colours here
🕐 04-10-13 8:43 PMDaMessenjah
CN Tower
Thank you.
🕐 04-10-13 8:42 PMDaMessenjah
Hearst Castle
Thank you.
🕐 04-10-13 8:10 AManatoly15
Hearst Castle
I like atmosphere of past.
Very good color.
🕐 04-10-13 7:51 AMaquilan
CN Tower
Very nice photo of tower, it reminds me a few photos of this tower by Koji Kawakami. I believed that it is located at Japan, but I've already read that it is highest structure of Toronto. Thanks for sharing Your photo, I always wanted to see it from different perspective :)
🕐 03-5-13 8:57 AMbajanexile
Fluttering Flags
Nice image. Steve
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