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🕐 11-20-15 3:14 PMdehidding
The Subway
Thanks, Hawkowl. There's no way I'd do that hike with a 4x5...uggh. I was certainly dead by the end of the day carrying a backpack with my DSLR and several lenses. Although, for all I know, the weight was the same. Anyways, thanks for the comment.
🕐 11-19-15 5:33 AMhawkowl
The Subway
Congratulations David! Great shot. I've hiked in there with 4x5 equipment and it about busted my tail!! I shot too long in the Subway and had to hike out in the dark, got temporarily disoriented (lost), but finally made it out. Was so tired & hungry, drove straight to a Mexican restaurant in Springdale and stuffed myself with food & beer. Hope you rewarded yourself with something similar! Cheers!
🕐 12-6-12 9:27 AMZeissing
The Narrows
The scale of your subject is so ambiguous. The rock faces look like they were crafted from flint. So cool and well done.
🕐 12-6-12 9:24 AMZeissing
Bend in the Narrows
Beautiful photo.
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