Comments for Dominic Lester

🕐 12-20-17 4:17 PMatlantel
Dreamy shapes
Great composition.
🕐 12-17-17 11:41 AMnathanwestcott
Windmill afterglow
Great shot. I like the fact you left the shadows dark. Gives it a nice predawn feel.
🕐 12-5-17 2:48 PMdannz
Night train (single long exposure)
great shot
🕐 12-5-17 12:41 PMstroop
Summit view, Cuillin ridge panorama
Superb, I was there :)
🕐 12-5-17 10:03 AMdomlester
Summit view, Cuillin ridge panorama
15mm, 25 secs
🕐 12-5-17 9:59 AMdomlester
Skomer sunset
20mm, 2 mins
🕐 12-5-17 9:54 AMdomlester
Windmill afterglow
20mm, 4 mins
🕐 12-5-17 9:50 AMdomlester
Night train (single long exposure)
85mm, 30 secs
🕐 12-25-16 1:59 PMdomlester
Lakes and Ridges at Sunset
Thanks, it's Snowdon looking N West.
🕐 12-25-16 7:33 AMct999
Two and Two
Sweet, it's all so good -- great composition w/ the rocks and everything. Hard work on shots tends to pay off! :-)
🕐 12-25-16 4:25 AMw0werine
Lakes and Ridges at Sunset
Wish I was there!
🕐 12-25-16 1:49 AMdomlester
Two and Two
By the way, I did use 2 grads and one polorizing filter, so those adjustments were
minimal. I'm still pleased with the timing of the fast moving swans.
🕐 12-25-16 1:42 AMdomlester
Two and Two
Thanks! Yes, a bit of highlights and shadows, but the funny thing is
that I got up pretty early for the sunrise and it would have been behind
the mountains... The swans made up for it; pairing nicely with the rocks.
🕐 12-24-16 8:08 PMct999
Two and Two
This is dope! I bet a picture can't even do this place justice, either! Was this in the AM? Did you increase the shadows and lower the highlights? I love doing that, and this looks like something I wish I took.
🕐 02-27-16 6:41 PMJT
Dreamy shapes
Love this shot. Where was this taken?
🕐 12-12-15 2:45 PMdomlester
7 minutes
Thanks Julian!
🕐 12-12-15 1:54 PMjulian
7 minutes
great long time exposure!
🕐 01-11-15 9:41 PMJT
Dreamy shapes
Absolutely gorgeous!
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