Comments for Hans Purwa

🕐 12-22-12 2:44 PMjamiewednesday
Photo 23127
Very good, my favourite I think
🕐 12-12-12 8:39 PMadenine321
Photo 23127
bajanexile I totally agree with you that printing is one of the most important aspect of photography. In fact I am the only one that still believes in fine art printing using piezography or quadtone rip for black and white. I dont think your critique was harsh in fact, I took it with great respect. I urge to see the actual print when you ever come by New York. Trust me is doesn't look like the webpage at all. In fact your first critique was about my cropping and post procession rather than actual print. By the way, printing is my speciality. Especially black and white. I think you weren't use to see actual grain or scan from an Imacon. The reason why you think it looks that way is because it was scan at 8000 DPI. Which means it has a resolution to print 35 inches wide without interpolation. I urge to check out my website and credentials at
🕐 12-10-12 11:31 AMbajanexile
Photo 23127
I know it seems a bit harsh, but this image is currently in the Top Ten of the Competition. Ask yourself this question: "Would I produce a large print of this image as it stands and attempt to sell it ?". If the answer is "No", then you understand where I am coming from. Hope this is helpful. Knowing things as they stand, this image may go on to win the competition. Printing an image is the ultimate acid test in Photography and in my opinion, what really counts. It is what the Public will see at an Exhibition, not a Web post.Good luck! It is only my opinion (one single opinion at that). Steve
🕐 12-10-12 9:15 AMadenine321
Photo 23127
Sorry to hear that bajanexile. First of all, no I did not do any post processing besides contrast, it was scan. Second sorry you didn't like my aesthetics. I always like film border, maybe this one was too sloppy to your liking.
🕐 12-10-12 8:39 AMbajanexile
Photo 23127
Great potential this image but spoilt by the post processing and presentation. Why on earth have you left the black band on the left side of the Frame? It needs re-cropping for a Competition. As it stands it would not make the first cut in a Photographic Society Monthly Competition. Sorry but this needs more thought. Steve
🕐 12-5-12 9:41 AMadenine321
Photo 23127
Thanks guys. It is located at Olympics National Park. Its exact location is called Ruby Beach
🕐 12-4-12 8:14 PMdmac1969ca
Photo 23127
Very nice! This looks like the Pacific Northwest. Which beach?
🕐 12-1-12 8:41 PMjamgolf
Photo 23127
Very nice use of light. Has a drama and a certain feeling to it. I like it a lot.
🕐 12-1-12 4:59 PMmacaque
Photo 23127
Nice shot, the lighting works well in this. The scan/crop could maybe use some adjustment though. =)
🕐 10-2-12 4:35 AMdan ortego
Photo 23159
nice portrait and subject pose
🕐 09-30-12 11:03 AMadenine321
Photo 23158
thank you very much.
🕐 09-30-12 10:47 AMvler001
Photo 23158
Great scene! Ilike this w\b series with waterfall.
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