Comments for Dan Ortego

🕐 09-13-14 3:43 PMdan ortego
Man's Best Friend
Thanks for the comment I appreciate it!
🕐 07-27-14 11:30 AMdan ortego
Bird and the Bee
Thanks for the comments. I had set-up my camera and tripod to photograph the flower when the Bee and the Hummingbird arrived. Sometimes, things simply fall into place and I was quite happy.
🕐 07-4-14 1:03 PMadelemb
Bird and the Bee
Really nice is very different from anything that I have seen.
🕐 07-3-14 11:37 PMdonuss
Bird and the Bee
Great scene this fight for the flower
🕐 06-27-14 12:33 PMibbz
Pit Bull Terrier - Villa Franca, Italy
a Staff?? silly me, it's a Pit Bull!
🕐 06-17-14 10:34 PMJT
Man's Best Friend
Love it. Separation is great while retaining detail. Plus the B&W looks amazing!
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