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🕐 12-19-14 9:37 AMshapencolour posted Click to view details
Photo 29065
Photo by: italy74
🕐 11-22-14 1:15 PMjeffsd posted Click to view details
Old home door
Photo by: italy74
Very nice shot Dino. The character of the door, the shutters and the stonework really come through.
🕐 11-17-14 9:28 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Photo 40959
Photo by: italy74
Diana, Son Kul lake camp, Kyrgyzstan, August.
Just as Rabya, this lovely girl lived aside a lost lake of Central Asia. Her family guested us in a yurt . As soon as I can, I'lll post other pictures of this one of a kind trip.
🕐 11-17-14 9:23 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Photo - 40960
Photo by: italy74
Rabyà, Karakul, Tajikistan, August 2014.
This 5 yrs old girl travelled with us from Murghab to Karakul ( abt 100 miles ) to go back home in a very remote area of eastern Tajikistan. Despite her young age, she needed a dentist, not available in her home village, so someone first escorted her to Murghab at her uncle, yet someone had to escort back home in an area where cars and vehicles of any kind are very rare. The hotel receptionist where we stayed in Murghab thankfully knew our driver and subsequently decided to ask him a favour. By chance, Rabya's mother was our next guest house owner in Karakul, one of the very most ghost towns i have ever seen.
🕐 01-26-14 8:30 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Chasing rabbits
Photo by: italy74
No special effects applied, straight out of camera this way. No idea what I did to make it (this is not "simple movement blur"), yet I like it.
🕐 11-3-13 5:21 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Running around /1
Photo by: italy74
Who said that wide angles can't be used for taking action pictures ?
My son Ashu running around
🕐 10-18-13 8:33 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Adoptive gathering
Photo by: italy74
Although there's nothing to hide, the presence of minors forced me to look for an alternative approach than the usual football team-like picture. Thankfully the 18mm was wide enough to encompass the whole room for the area I really needed, the one showing the presence of people.
🕐 10-2-13 3:16 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
In the lift
Photo by: italy74
Here's where a 18mm comes handy ! In a bare squared meter there were 4+1
🕐 10-1-13 1:17 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
At work
Photo by: italy74
No, it's not barrel distortion.. simple perspective and a really leaning brick tower..
🕐 10-1-13 1:07 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
First selfie of my son
Photo by: italy74
Yes, it's a selfie, he tripped the shutter, I just turned my camera toward him..
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🕐 09-30-13 9:36 AMaquilan posted Click to view details
Opening time pic !
Photo by: italy74
She is very pretty :) I wish to build first Zeiss IKON with LEGO!
🕐 09-29-13 2:24 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
My niece's cafeteria opened today !
Photo by: italy74
Well, this is an unusual subject and the 35 is always great to perform like a pseudo macro.. you can even see the first customer ready to hand a note to the shop owner lol
🕐 09-22-13 1:55 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
What's up?
Photo by: italy74
Not sure if it's 100% sharp, I had just set the lens wide open and I could only snap it out of the shop where my wife entered, thankfully focus was by chance almost there on his eyes so I shot immediately without any further checks. I chose the title because I made a sign to Ashu to catch his attention and he seemed to ask "what's up dad?"
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🕐 09-22-13 12:31 PMjt posted Click to view details
Photo 29064
Photo by: italy74
questa e 'una bella donna !!!!
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🕐 07-6-13 7:09 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Time for God..
Photo by: italy74
Grazie! you're welcome!
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🕐 06-13-13 2:48 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Tough boy !
Photo by: italy74
Ciao Lilia, actually he already knows how to shoot and recock the shutter, however neck strap is a different story.. No problem for the camera, it is already damaged but he has already let it fall on His feet, this is a lesson he will have to learn sooner or later !!
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🕐 06-2-13 6:30 AMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Photo 29094
Photo by: italy74
Ciao Cobra
thanks twice for your lines.
As i wrote in a previous comment, this was not a private shooting but a semi-public workshop and I had to manage taking pics amidst other photographers which were all using super-duper machine guns (af zooms) and were crowded around the model. Actually in this last shot I decided to rotate the effective image to make it more dynamic. While you're right, this is the best I could do at that moment, so please bear with me ! (valid also for the other shot!)
🕐 06-1-13 12:48 PMcobra posted Click to view details
Photo 29093
Photo by: italy74
nice portretshot but use the strengt of de 100 mm planar and shoot at max f4 so you isolate your model from the background.i like her and not the brickwall behind her.
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🕐 05-28-13 12:16 PMitaly74 posted Click to view details
Photo 29070
Photo by: italy74
let me explain something, valid also for the other pics. Unfortunately it was NOT a private shooting where I could have worked alone with all the time and the space around me.
It was a workshop and other photographers with full of AF rifle-gun zooms were buzzing around her and since she was moving as well, I needed to have a safe depth of field where to take the pic, especially because she was just a few meters from me. Besides, some of the pics you see are crops of larger pics. This is also the reason why I took other topless pics with a much longer telephoto, an old Tamron SP 300/5.6 (mostly at f/11 or f/16) just because there were too many people around her and I could take pics from a farther distance. If you want to give a peek to the whole gallery, here's the link > - enjoy !
🕐 05-27-13 6:18 PManatoly15 posted Click to view details
Photo 29074
Photo by: italy74
Very good portrait.