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🕐 10-28-12 8:03 PMjaihutan posted Click to view details
An Evening in Bandar Jakarta
Photo by: jaihutan
Many thanks Dr was one of those rare evenings.
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🕐 04-14-12 9:35 PMjaihutan posted Click to view details
Belitung Rocks-Formation
Photo by: jaihutan
Thank you Shapencolour and Lilia... Belitung island in Indonesia is indeed a beautiful place and it's like a heaven for photographer, especially those like taking beach scenery. It is not a major tourist attraction yet, not like i Bali, so going there you won't find any night life attraction and such, the hotel at best is three star. But the beaches, it's rock, all very pristine and still untouched...
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🕐 12-28-11 8:29 AMjaihutan posted Click to view details
Naomi - 3
Photo by: jaihutan
Thanks Ortego. I'm interested that you said this lens is relatively rare in achieving good focus... I found mine was easy to get many tack sharp pictures... I'm using A850, and the auto focus works well with this lens. It's a true gem... hope you can get yourself one soon :-)

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