Comments for Peter Gruener

🕐 04-21-16 1:36 PMchriseeo
Nice shot. Black and white shades close to the old film feeling.
🕐 04-18-16 8:59 PMpetergruener
torralba wrote:

Love the lighting. Glad to see another D5 :)\n\n\n

Thanks. The light is all natural and the D5 is getting more and more loved. It will be probably my primary camera for these kind of shootings.
🕐 04-18-16 8:51 PMJT
Love the lighting. Glad to see another D5 :)
🕐 06-26-15 2:01 AMfrs6co
Sunset Baltic Sea 1
nice picture. remain to level the horizon.
🕐 06-13-15 1:36 AMkanzer16
Sunset Baltic Sea 3
Pretty colors
🕐 06-12-15 2:07 PMJT
Sunset Baltic Sea 3
This is beautiful. But :) I think you need to level the horizon .
🕐 12-15-14 10:00 AMbajanexile
Nice use of a small aperture and long exposure.
🕐 12-14-14 11:56 PMyuriylux
Beautiful sea black and white landscape!
🕐 03-2-14 9:05 AMtak√©o
City Walk Mannheim I
Great one, I love it too !
🕐 04-17-13 9:26 AMdonuss
Nice at night
Great light get a special mood.
🕐 03-30-13 9:14 AMJT
The roaring 20's
Very nostalgic. Love the pose and look.
🕐 03-14-13 3:27 PMdalth500
Evening walk
Other than being a pain in the ass to focus the 35mm 1.4 is one of the most amazing lens in the Zeiss family - you have done a great job with this lens in the image!
🕐 08-29-12 6:23 AMgpandel
The roaring 20's
very nice
🕐 08-29-12 4:46 AMmict
The roaring 20's
thats German style!
🕐 08-28-12 1:37 PMcanicuss
Way back in time...
Amazing profile shot of this woman, the legs look unnatural though. Nice setting for the period clothing too.
🕐 04-18-12 6:08 PMjoecan
Evening Walk in Nice
Really nice one.
🕐 04-18-12 5:46 PMkristin416
Evening Walk in Nice
What an amazing photo!!
🕐 04-18-12 11:37 AMrickperry
Evening Walk in Nice

This is my favorite in this series - you got the light just right for the subject. Nice work.

🕐 04-17-12 2:40 PMnomad
Late afternoon in Nice
Agreed! Reminds me of Santa Barbara, CA where all the architecture fits within a theme.
🕐 04-17-12 2:32 PMbajanexile
Late afternoon in Nice
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