Comments for Kristin

🕐 12-30-12 2:32 PMJT
Photo 17803
Beautiful light! Great capture.
🕐 12-2-11 3:53 PMkristin416
Jameson the Juggler
Thanks! I love how the fire looks in this :) and he was a great juggler!
🕐 12-1-11 9:30 PMlilia
Jameson the Juggler
great photo!
🕐 12-1-11 4:38 PMkristin416
Photo 16237
Thank you, Lilia! And I am feeling much better, thanks! :)
🕐 11-28-11 9:34 PMlilia
Photo 16237
Your Renaissance photos are great! Sorry you're ill. Be good to yourself and get better soon.
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