Comments for Peter

🕐 05-20-14 12:03 AMzeissy
By: stevox
🕐 07-24-13 4:07 PMpaqart
By: stevox
A really excellent, jaw-dropping image. Beautiful landscape!

🕐 03-15-13 3:16 PMdalth500
By: stevox
Well done Sir!
🕐 01-18-12 4:28 AMmediumformatfan
sky line Rotterdam
By: stevox
Very different from when it was in 1940 !
🕐 01-17-12 9:49 PMJT
By: stevox
love the smoothness and lack of any life form or signs of life. It is a bit surreal.
🕐 01-14-12 12:44 AMstevox
Windmills in Holland 1
By: stevox
Shot with a b+W ND106, shuttertime 25 sec.
🕐 01-14-12 12:29 AMstevox
Windmills in Holland
By: stevox
Shot with a b+W ND106, shuttertime 8 sec.
🕐 01-3-12 7:48 AMrickperry
By: stevox

That is a wonderful photograph. I love the color you get with

that 50 1.4 5d ii combination!

The wood "Speaks"!
🕐 12-13-11 4:28 PMshogo
The road to...
By: stevox
Nice picture!
🕐 12-12-11 1:26 PMaquilan
The bridge
By: stevox
Yes, I like it much and perspective too :)
🕐 12-12-11 4:48 AMnomad
The bridge
By: stevox
Gotta love that magic hour lighting!
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