Comments for Eric

🕐 12-29-12 11:32 AMericpmoss
Tetons at Sunset
Thanks for the kind words. It's hard to see in a small jpg, but the negative shows a few more levels of tonality in the border between hills and lake.
🕐 12-29-12 3:31 AMdehidding
Tetons at Sunset
Got to love the "blue hour"
🕐 12-22-12 5:52 PMyanaann
Lone Tree, Mammoth Hot Springs
I like this work
🕐 12-1-12 5:34 PMnomad
Tetons at Sunset
Beautiful color gradient!
🕐 10-12-11 5:00 PMnomad
Thunderhead approaching Half Dome
Love that place, we went there last year about this time. I could spend a week or two in Yosemite easy, maybe a lifetime if my name was Ansel Adams.
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