Comments for Elan

🕐 05-11-11 7:17 AMesyuherlan
My Wife
Thanks Stephen, Carol
🕐 05-9-11 10:25 AMzeissy
My Wife
Beautiful lady; beautiful lighting. Carol
🕐 05-8-11 11:18 AMbajanexile
My Wife
Nice capture, good skin tones. Stephen
🕐 05-4-11 9:04 PMesyuherlan
Thanks donat
🕐 05-1-11 10:12 PMdonuss
nice portrait and bokeh
🕐 02-17-11 11:48 PMpeplum
Photo 9002
White balance is odd. Too magenta/blue I think.
🕐 02-4-11 3:05 PMesyuherlan
Photo 8750
No it's not. It was single handheld shot with my elbows on the buttress of my office building.

I use CS3 to set the color and saturation, brighten the lower part and sharpen it a little bit.
🕐 02-4-11 9:46 AMaquilan
Photo 8750
I looks like that true?
popflash photo
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