Comments for Frank Jackson

🕐 01-5-18 6:44 PMfotographz
Side Light
Thank you so much! cheers
🕐 01-5-18 1:38 PMJT
Side Light
this photo is just simply amazing. You are a master using film and you inspire me to dig out my film cameras!
🕐 01-2-18 12:33 AMbajanexile
Side Light
Nice B&W image, Steve
🕐 12-27-17 11:32 AMi1rsv
cup nirvana
great idea
🕐 02-7-17 7:36 AMchriseeo
This film look, subtle grain, and overall feeling is unsurpassable.
🕐 01-28-15 10:13 AMJT
bajanexile wrote:

Just plain gorgeous. Wish I could have shot it. Steve\n\n\n

That makes two of us. :) Would love to see more work from Frank.
🕐 12-28-14 12:37 PMbajanexile
Just plain gorgeous. Wish I could have shot it. Steve
🕐 12-28-14 9:44 AMJT
Still one of my favorites. IMHO, a classic Life magazine cover photo. Not to mention, this is one of those photos where you can see the clear advantage of film over digital. This image has soul. I think that look and feeling would have been missed with a digital shot.
🕐 10-27-13 9:33 PMJT
Classic in every way.
🕐 05-29-13 8:04 PMzeissy
🕐 05-25-13 12:55 AMmark_l
Photo 8321
fragile, beautiful light
🕐 01-10-11 11:29 PMfotographz
Photo 8320
thank you
🕐 01-10-11 6:19 PMJT
Photo 8320
Wow. This brings on such a sense of solitude. The b&w and the single bird really make a statement. Well done!
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