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Photo 508986
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 05-12-23 09:34JT wrote:
The incredible Hulk!
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Photo 519567
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 03-05-23 11:26JT wrote:
Look at those colors. So alive.
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Photo 525770
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 11-18-17 16:10fe2cruz wrote:
Nice framing
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Photo 508285
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 02-18-14 14:10cyra wrote:
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Photo 535822
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 01-24-14 14:45bajanexile wrote:
Quality image. Steve
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Photo 535783
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 01-18-14 14:12cyra wrote:
nice capture!
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Photo 535128
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 01-02-14 13:37patolog68 wrote:
Great textures, shapes, composition, colours, light, reflections. Completely unappreciated picture.
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Photo 535218
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 01-02-14 09:53donuss wrote:
Great composition
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Photo 535216
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 01-02-14 03:44aquilan wrote:
Amazing colours, did You boost them a little? :)
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Photo 535086
Photo by mengkudu
🕐 12-29-13 23:34aquilan wrote:
I like the effect of dust's lighting :) I believe there should be place for socially engaged photography too, but it is not my world either. In contrary I like this photo due to lighting effect :)
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