Comments for Debbie Abbott Elias

🕐 06-26-14 3:10 PMadelemb
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
Absolutely gorgeous!
🕐 02-20-14 3:39 PMcyra
Moraine Valley RMNP
I like the mood!
🕐 10-18-13 11:48 AMzeissy
St Malo's Chapel, Allenspark, CO
Beautiful image!
🕐 07-17-13 9:05 AMcanicuss
St Malo's Chapel, Allenspark, CO
Thank you for your comments Lilia. :)
🕐 07-16-13 9:13 PMlilia
Moraine Valley RMNP
What beautiful countryside.
🕐 07-16-13 9:12 PMlilia
St Malo's Chapel, Allenspark, CO
Lovely setting.
🕐 03-16-13 4:23 AMcanicuss
Photo 22117
Thank you so much, dalth, that is a very nice compliment and it's much appreciated.
🕐 03-15-13 10:45 PMdalth500
Photo 22117
At the risk of becoming a mutual admiration society I would like to compliment you on your gallery - very nicely composed with great technical achievement
🕐 03-8-13 7:15 PMlilia
Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park
I love your photographic style, not for this photo alone, but for all. Am always happy looking, studying your photos. Such a joy!
🕐 02-18-13 3:06 AMcanicuss
Photo 25130
Thank you Lilia. And I couldn't agree more about the beauty of our country, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful parks system to keep these wonders safe for everyone to enjoy.
🕐 02-17-13 7:24 PMlilia
Photo 25130
We are so lucky to live in a country that is so beautiful.
Well done!
Regards, Lilia
🕐 02-7-13 1:04 PMjeroen
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
🕐 02-6-13 5:02 PMlilia
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
🕐 01-15-13 6:01 AMgpandel
Photo 25130
Very nice Debbie. well done
🕐 01-9-13 9:26 AMcanicuss
Photo 8586
Thanks so much. I really love my Zeiss for precisely that.
🕐 01-9-13 7:38 AMd.ortego
Photo 8586
Very soothing photo and I really like how clear and clean the lens paints.
🕐 12-29-12 8:13 AMcanicuss
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
🕐 12-29-12 5:35 AMdehidding
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
Very nice
🕐 12-17-12 6:27 PMjoecan
Thomas Moulton Barn
That's a winner
🕐 12-17-12 6:26 PMjoecan
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City
Well executed, beautiful image.
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