Comments for Klips

🕐 11-21-15 11:47 AMklipsen
Le chevalier de la Barre
French icon for the victims of religious intolerance: %C3%A7ois-Jean_de_la_Barre
🕐 02-9-12 7:20 PMcanicuss
Photo 18606
Unique shot, the glowing shoreline is fascinating.
🕐 02-7-12 5:48 PMlilia
Photo 18606
Beautifully done.
You have both serenity and drama in this scene. Very unusual and artistic.
Kind regards,
🕐 12-4-11 11:13 AMaquilan
Photo 6593
Awesome duck :) frozen as an statue :)
🕐 07-29-11 1:19 PMlabbai
Photo 6596
Wow! Nice capture! You don't see often this kind of pictures of birds...
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