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🕐 04-4-12 6:56 AMbajanexile
My Ancient Equipment
Nice. Remember the time lag to warm up? Steve
🕐 04-3-12 10:06 AMalphazeiss
My Ancient Equipment
🕐 04-2-12 7:34 AMkrzysiek
My Ancient Equipment
Hi Rick !
You are right. I agree with you.
This is LOEWE OPTA Atlas Type 3790W, West Germany 1957.
Serdecznie pozdrawiam :-) !!!
🕐 04-2-12 7:24 AMnomad
My Ancient Equipment
+1 gotta love tubes!
🕐 04-2-12 5:55 AMrickperry
My Ancient Equipment

A beautiful old tube radio (from the 1950's?) I love the "tube" sound they can put out!

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