Comments for Filipe Brandão

🕐 06-18-15 10:57 PMzeissy
🕐 08-2-14 3:40 PMphotosphere42
Very nice image!
🕐 07-30-14 8:58 AMadelemb
Beautiful portrait!
🕐 01-3-14 4:30 AMbajanexile
Nice shot for a "Spiral Staircase Shot". Steve
🕐 12-19-13 10:52 AMsignapack
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
nice pic.
🕐 12-19-13 10:35 AMgeirykristiansen
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Tremendously well captured! Congratulations! Well deserved!
🕐 12-19-13 9:13 AMd.ortego
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
I really like candid shots like this. Just a wife relaxing on the sofa watching the tube, and the black-and-white works very well with this comp.
🕐 12-19-13 8:51 AMroc97007
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Congrats. I like it, and it did fit the theme. It's in my top five among the candidates. A lot of the entries, although technically exceptional, were too posed.
🕐 12-18-13 8:49 AMfilipeb
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Hello Richard - Thank you and Zeiss for supporting this contest, I'm of course a fan of your lenses and I'm looking forward to try the 50 Makro-Planar! Best regards
🕐 12-18-13 5:00 AMsilver2silicon
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Hi Filipe - congratulations on winning the 2013 Zeiss Images Photo Contest. Your prize award - a Makro-Planar 2/50 ZF.2 lens - will ship to you this week. Best regards, Richard Schleuning - Zeiss Camera Lens Division
🕐 12-18-13 2:06 AMpaolo
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Congratulations Filipe!
🕐 12-18-13 2:03 AMfilipeb
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
I'm very happy to have received this award! A Big thanks to and Zeiss for the opportunity and Torralba and Seal for selecting my photo.

The story behind the photo: Benguela is a city in Angola to where, me and my wife, moved 4 years ago. I took a job in a construction company managing a building site. My wife found a job a bit after moving in but the company didn't afford to pay her for very long. She couldn't find a job after that, too overqualified, so the afternoons on the couch became her blues. So also a very big thanks to her for being there and enduring it for me!

Thanks you all for your compliments!
🕐 12-18-13 12:28 AMmerrill
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Congratulations, Filipe.
🕐 12-17-13 11:49 PMjeroen
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
🕐 12-17-13 11:03 PMkanzer16
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Congratulations on the award and photo.
🕐 12-17-13 10:50 PMz-enthusiast
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Its always a matter of taste!
🕐 12-17-13 9:04 PMzeissy
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Very nice…and congratulations!
🕐 12-17-13 8:56 PMiluvatar
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Congratulations! :)
🕐 10-30-13 3:46 AMfilipeb
I hadn't thought of that! And know that you said it I can't see anything else! :)
🕐 10-29-13 1:43 PMJT
I like the cup reflection on the glasses. It makes it look like an eye ball :)
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