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🕐 09-15-20 6:21 AMaquilan
Squirrel without APO #C
I am glad You like it :) I should more use my Tele-Tessar F 350mm :)
🕐 09-14-20 12:12 PMJT
Squirrel without APO #C
Love it !
🕐 05-14-20 1:32 PMJT
01 / Carl Zeiss Jena Main Site (2017)
Wow. lots of detail and crispness. Love it!
🕐 08-2-19 3:45 PMJT
Nikola 1.0 - Wentylatornia 1.0 (1:1)
By no means am I asking you to retouch the photo nor am I thinking negatively of the tattoo. I have one myself :) I just found it a little distracting. That does not mean I dislike it.

Thanks for posting.
🕐 08-2-19 3:23 PMaquilan
Nikola 1.0 - Wentylatornia 1.0 (1:1)
Thanks JT. About tatoo, I have not much influence to model what her forearm looks like. I know there are techniques of retouch to make it less visible. But there is also the aspects of feelings of Human Being. If Nikola really likes her tatoo I have no right to retouch it. I could choice other frame to portray Her. I have a few more photos, which was taken aside this one. I will try to share them to let You to compare the outcome :)
🕐 08-2-19 2:47 PMJT
Nikola 1.0 - Wentylatornia 1.0 (1:1)
I like the lighting and framing. Very nice. I only wish the tattoo wasn't so distracting. I tend to focus on the arm instead of her face or the overall frame. But, after that moment, I take the whole image in and enjoy the capture.
🕐 05-27-16 8:11 PMphotosphere42
Elder habitant of Mysłowice-Brzezinka
Nice image. Great face.
🕐 08-13-15 12:37 PMaquilan
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
I will try to find it out with next Sony Camera Event :) I currently own only A7 so I don't have silent shutter mode to use my Hologon lens. Yesterday I got a message (here at Zeissimages) from Kolari Vision, it looks they want to help me to convert my camera again. This could prevent me to buy next camera for a while ;)
🕐 08-13-15 8:43 AMhyperfocal
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
What if you focused 2/3 out from the center? Would depth of field cover the entire image area?
🕐 08-12-15 9:05 AMaquilan
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
I believe that it's better to focus at edges. When edge is sharp, centre is less blurred, in comparison to measure of blurriness in edges, when sharpness is focused in centre. With my Distagon 2.8/15mm ZE and my A7, I use the same strategy. I believe it best advice with super-wide-angle lenses and thick sensor filter.
🕐 08-12-15 7:32 AMhyperfocal
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
Interesting test. What's your judgement, then?
🕐 05-27-15 11:37 PMaquilan
Elizabeth 2/09-05-2015
Thanks Jorge for Your kind comment.
Thanks Augustaur and Bajanexile for Yours attention.
🕐 05-27-15 9:53 PMJT
Elizabeth 2/09-05-2015
Very pretty.
🕐 05-20-15 6:55 PMJT
Sea Birds at Jantar 2014 (#2)
Nice capture!
🕐 01-21-15 1:22 AMaquilan
Portrait of Pharmacist
Thanks Photosphare42 :) I like this photo too...
🕐 01-20-15 5:52 PMphotosphere42
Portrait of Pharmacist
Very nice. Congrats!
🕐 01-2-15 1:35 AMmichal1980
Low Light Sunday Evening
Beautiful Photo, I love cats!
🕐 12-25-14 1:15 AMaugustaur
Playing Telemann's XII Fantasias
🕐 12-25-14 1:14 AMaugustaur
Old Town (at dawn)
Splendid composition.
🕐 12-16-14 1:04 AMaquilan
Low Light Sunday Evening
Thanks Foongkwonghoi, Steve and Adelemb :)
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