Comments for Brian

🕐 11-11-13 3:51 AMkanzer16
Port-au-Prince Church
Impressive image.
🕐 11-9-13 7:40 PMitaly74
Smoke in Port-au-Prince
Great eye for striking images, bravo.
🕐 11-9-13 7:37 PMitaly74
Port-au-Prince Church
Impressive to say the list and a "loud" memory of what happened there just a few yrs ago..
🕐 11-3-13 11:40 AMzeissy
Smoke in Port-au-Prince
Riveting image ... saw your series on the!
🕐 10-24-13 9:06 AMaquilan
Port-au-Prince Church
It is nice to see that it works well with ZM Distagon 4/18 too. Heavier brother A7 has a corner issue with ZM wide angle lenses like ZM Biogon 2.8/21. I put all my hopes in A7R.
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