Comments for Oliver

🕐 08-3-13 11:00 AMJT
Lama , Tibet
A fine example of a good photographer and a great camera lens combo. I still prefer film to digital :)
🕐 07-6-13 12:16 PMitaly74
Mother and child,Tibet
Every time I see such images my inner voice calls me again to visit such places. Even if I was born here, for some mysterious reason I feel bound to those people living in the middle of Asia.. no idea why. Everything virtually in the triangle made of the Caspian Sea, the Bajkal lake and the Tibet has a terrific influence on me.
🕐 12-4-11 7:02 AMjeroen
Lama , Tibet
WOH, love it! I've been there and the mood is just if I am there again.
🕐 11-11-10 2:02 PMzblake
Lama , Tibet
Interesting shot. The subject and surroundings are really captivating. The tree limb and leave on top are a little distracting though...
🕐 10-3-10 5:27 AMrickperry
Photo 5702
This deserves more than one comment!
Terrific shot - well done.

🕐 10-2-10 11:10 AMblackbalance
Photo 5702
Absolutely marvelous shot! Congratulations!
🕐 09-10-10 6:47 PMmsalganik
Lama , Tibet
this and your other photo from the 85/1.2 are just amazing... they just pull me in... I love it!
🕐 09-10-10 6:14 PMderekwin
Lama , Tibet
great shot
🕐 09-10-10 4:55 PMrickperry
Lama , Tibet
Oliver - I like both of these shots - well done - Rick
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