Comments for Robert Dilworth

🕐 06-8-16 10:38 AMJT
Toledo # 3
By: rhd
This is amazingly to h and beautiful.
🕐 05-14-16 1:42 PMJT
Mother Daughter Day St Christopher's Place
By: rhd
Wow. This is sop crisp!
🕐 12-13-15 9:51 AMmmisanko
Keeping an eye out for trouble
By: rhd
Love the juxtaposition in this photo.
🕐 12-13-15 9:49 AMmmisanko
By: rhd
Wow - I love this.
🕐 08-31-15 7:47 AMrhd
Rain at Lake Louise Canada
By: rhd
I packed a polarizer but neglected to use it. I have not used polarizers in the rain, but I think it is a very useful suggestion for the next opportunity
🕐 08-31-15 7:11 AMhyperfocal
Rain at Lake Louise Canada
By: rhd
Have you tried to shoot scenes like this one with a polarizer? It would cut reflection in the water and bring the submerged stones out.
🕐 05-18-15 10:48 AMdalth500
Bank Station Central Line 3
By: rhd
This is a wonderful image - it is difficult to beat the RX1 with the Zeiss 35 Sonnar!
🕐 05-18-15 10:46 AMdalth500
Behind the red door?
By: rhd
Are you noticing any purple fringing with the Zeiss 21 on the M 240? I would be interested in your experience with this combination. I have experienced some fringing using the Zeiss 21 and M 240 - but interestingly the fringing seems to occur only when there is non-complex, somewhat neutral grey subject matter. Nice image BTW!
🕐 02-10-15 7:32 AMphotosphere42
Bonne Bouche Marylebone
By: rhd
A really nice image.
🕐 10-27-14 1:01 PMrhd
Downtown Philadelphia Bus Stop
By: rhd
Zeiss 55 1.8
🕐 10-27-14 1:00 PMrhd
Downtown Philadelphia Bus Stop-BW
By: rhd
Zeiss 55 1.8
🕐 08-31-14 9:19 AMdonuss
Palm fronds Kew Gardens
By: rhd
great perspective
🕐 08-30-14 2:44 PMphotosphere42
Sharing a table, Marylebone Bonne Bouche
By: rhd
Great Image!
🕐 08-27-14 3:45 AMaquilan
Gloucester Cathedral Ladies Chapel
By: rhd
Lovely place :)
🕐 08-27-14 2:00 AMbeso
Water Lilly Kew Gardens
By: rhd
Excellent sharpness, great reflection and wonderful subject highlights. Well done!
🕐 08-17-14 7:50 PMaquilan
Marylebone High Street after rain
By: rhd
I usually don't like the bokeh of Sonnar 55mm but this one looks very nice. I like 3D rendering of scene by DoF and reflections :)
🕐 05-22-14 2:50 PMaquilan
Rhododendron Chapel Hill Morning
By: rhd
IMHO Ideal colours, sharpness and DoF :)
🕐 03-24-14 7:20
Canary Wharf Station
By: rhd
Fascinant ! Belle lumière ! BRAVO !!!!
🕐 03-5-14 7:40 PMrhd
Georgetown from Roosevelt Island Walking Bridge
By: rhd
About ½ mile from subject. Contax G 90 2.8 converted to M mount
🕐 02-17-14 10:02 PMJT
Thaw in Arlington
By: rhd
Nice! just in time for the drop. That 135 is one of my favorite lenses.
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