Comments for Bertrand Laschon

🕐 01-12-13 11:26 AMzeissy
Primal and beautiful in that genre
🕐 01-12-13 11:25 AMzeissy
Wonderful artful image ~ a great combination of elements and textures!
🕐 01-12-13 11:11 AMzeissy
l'équipe sauvage
Wonderful depth
🕐 01-7-13 1:21 PMbajanexile
Interesting PP, almost a "stone" effect. Steve
🕐 01-7-13 1:16 PMbajanexile
l'équipe sauvage
I agree or it would make an LP Cover for a Band. Nice PP. Steve
🕐 01-7-13 10:02 AMJT
l'équipe sauvage
nice pp and saturation levels. Looks like a poster for a movie or tv show. Nice.
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