Comments for Henry Rinne

🕐 02-11-20 1:42 AMpicman
Photo 104016
Indeed, very nice image!
🕐 02-5-20 7:41 AMphotosphere42
Photo 104016
Nice image.
🕐 11-23-17 11:20
Trump Tower - Chicago
looks like stacks of gold coins
🕐 05-20-15 6:51 PMJT
Farmer's Market
Oh. This makes me so hungry !
🕐 04-17-14 8:30 AMaquilan
Trump Tower - Chicago
I like it very much :)
🕐 02-14-14 3:59 PMpatolog68
Like somewhere on ... dyxum.
🕐 02-14-14 1:45 AMcyra
🕐 07-1-13 7:15 PManatoly15
Locomotive 4003 - #2
Very nice !
🕐 03-21-13 6:54 PManatoly15
65h Street-Austin
Very interesting.
In good old tradition.
🕐 02-26-13 10:21 PMdonuss
Photo 26020
Great winter image and reflection like this.
🕐 11-20-12 5:05 PMphotosphere42
Photo 18196
Good photo!
🕐 09-29-12 8:08 PMakul
Near Gothic, Colorado
I really like this shot. The way how snow covered mountain top pops is very strong.
🕐 09-23-12 8:46 PMsaxbike
Near Gothic, Colorado
I use my Hasselblad very infrequently these days. I shot a roll of Fuji Velvia this summer while Colorado, but when I looked at the scanned images I saw B & W. I did the conversions in Silver Efex. Thanks for commenting.
🕐 09-23-12 3:06 PMrichard_sir
Near Gothic, Colorado
Great photo. It's interesting that you choose to make it a black and white photo although you use a Fuji Velvia 50!
🕐 09-23-12 2:59 PMrichard_sir
Near Gothic, Colorado
I love this photo. It reminds me about my hero Ansel Adams. Great landscape!
Regards Kristian
🕐 09-23-12 2:35 PMsaxbike
Near Gothic, Colorado
Thanks for the feedback.
🕐 09-23-12 2:17 PMlilia
Near Gothic, Colorado
Great photo!
Regards, Lilia
🕐 07-13-11 11:11 AMdonuss
Cape May, NJ
Great image and fantastic composition
🕐 01-5-11 1:56 PMrickperry
Fort Chaffee

This series has many really nice photographs. This is my favorte - love the composition , detail and pastel colors. Good work!

🕐 01-5-11 7:25 AMbajanexile
West End Park, Fort Smith
I like this image, but I might use the Clone Tool to remove the branches on the left-hand side of the frame. The image has great potential in B&W as well, but you might have to remove the vignette top left and right in the frame. Hope this makes sense and is constructive. Regards Steve
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