Comments for Havran

🕐 01-3-12 4:41 PMrickperry
White world
Really a great photo - good eye - wonderful composition and exposure!
🕐 01-3-12 2:07 AMbajanexile
White world
Love this one.
🕐 01-2-12 4:35 PMtccin3d
White world
Perversely good. Great composition!
🕐 07-31-10 3:16 PMleviathor
White world
So simple, so well-composed. Great find and exposure.
🕐 07-30-10 10:58 PMbluetsunami
Lovely dominant colors from bottom, middle and top
🕐 07-30-10 4:10 PMJT
Peaks in the Alps
Beautiful scene.
🕐 07-30-10 2:01 PMphilber
Paris lights
Totally brilliant shot, Attila! I should know how good this really is, I live there! Nagyon gratulalok!
🕐 07-30-10 1:59 PMphilber
Eiffel Tower in Paris
Nice shot, Attila! Where is this, and, if it is where I think it is, how did you manage to shoot it?
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