Comments for Douglas Macdonald

🕐 11-20-15 2:44 PMajitmenon
Romantic nights
🕐 11-16-15 1:41 PMgabriel
Romantic nights
Très immersif.
🕐 09-6-13 9:58 AMJT
Romantic nights
Wonderful snow scene. Puts me in a different mood altogether. This works !
🕐 01-27-13 8:38 PMzeissy
Photo 8568
Extremely powerful...does not look soft on my screen
🕐 12-31-12 11:13 PMtccin3d
Romantic nights
contest or no contest - lovely photo!
🕐 12-30-12 7:25 PMcanicuss
Romantic nights
Well seen. Nice shot.
🕐 12-26-12 3:44 PMvucmra
Romantic nights
🕐 12-10-12 11:28 PMzeissy
🕐 12-10-12 10:25 PMdmac1969ca
Romantic nights
Thanks a lot! It was such a great night for photography and this was just one of several images that turned out fairly well. I hope it does win the contest but there are lots of great photos so I'll just enjoy it and hope for the best.

🕐 12-10-12 9:21 PMjamgolf
Romantic nights
Fantastic shot. When I first saw it, I thought it would win the contest. I still hpoe it does.
🕐 12-6-12 10:31 PMdmac1969ca
Romantic nights
Thank you! This was taken at about midnight and was the start of one of the worst snow storms I've seen on Jeju Island (South Korea).
🕐 12-6-12 9:40 PMaquilan
Romantic nights
Very nice tonality and light distribution :)
🕐 12-6-12 8:07 PMdmac1969ca
Romantic nights
Appreciate the comment!
🕐 12-6-12 8:04 PMdmac1969ca
Thank you!
🕐 12-6-12 12:31
great use of space and color.
🕐 12-6-12 9:15 AMZeissing
Romantic nights
Lovely view.
🕐 09-25-12 4:15 AMjanesirius
"Praying for Japan" #9
OMG!! Awesome!

My jaw dropped literally when i viewed your photo
🕐 04-28-11 8:17 AMdmac1969ca
On their way

Buddhist monks perform a special ceremony for the people of Japan. You can read my published article here: ]
🕐 04-28-11 3:42 AMlolphoto
"Praying for Japan" #7
Great compo and colors.
🕐 04-23-11 6:30 PMyanaann
The Weight of the World
nice light
popflash photo
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