Comments for Ben

🕐 07-25-10 9:02 AMsilverstudent
Child Soldiers, Sierra Leone
Beautiful image.
🕐 07-25-10 12:48 AMbenevansphotography
Child Soldiers, Sierra Leone
Thanks very much for your comment. I love the evolution of innocence in this photograph
🕐 07-23-10 3:49 AMandreasresch
Dusk over the Alps
That's a nice rockface and the colors are interesting.
🕐 07-22-10 8:59 PMJT
Child Soldiers, Sierra Leone
Absolutely fantastics. If anything, crop off the top and bring the edge closer to the hands reaching out.
🕐 07-22-10 5:33 PMcliffkiracofe
like this; composition/design, patterns on water, light. now they have to decide how to prepare their catch...
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