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🕐 02-6-11 6:18 PMrcamargo
By: lollus
original and amazing composition.
🕐 08-5-10 1:40 AMlollus
Is it broken?
By: lollus
I use a shiny (not the supercheap black one but neither the luxury ones that come at silly prices) M42 to EOS adapter from Ebay, it focuses to infinity. I also have ZF lenses with ZF to EOS adapter and they focus to infinity. ZSs have a little lever to open and close the iris with a flick, which can be handy for focussing if you have no focus shift issues. The Planar 1,4/50 has them so the lever is not too useful.
🕐 08-4-10 12:05 PMJT
Is it broken?
By: lollus
Which adapter are you using on this ZS lens? Does it focus to infinity?
🕐 07-3-10 3:41 PMJT
Photo 2428
By: lollus
Look at the tongue! Incredible.

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