Comments by John

🕐 07-19-10 12:27 PMbusterinit
Bee Ser
By: kysham
Love the way you have seperated your lovely model from the background. Nice to see some strobist work with the Sony system....must get out and do some
🕐 07-18-10 6:17 AMbusterinit
Photo 1777
By: guma
This pic has the WoW factor....WoW.
🕐 07-18-10 6:08 AMbusterinit
The pidgeon Tower
Thanks kanuck. This shot was just begging for a B&W treatment, the clouds were strange on this day.
🕐 07-5-10 2:54 PMbusterinit
Photo 2508
Thanks Rick. Sorry I got carried away with uploading...the lense is a Konica Minolta 200mm APO G....oops..
🕐 06-29-10 10:52 AMbusterinit
Early Morning Light
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. It was a cold morning when I shot this, but felt it was worth it..cheers
🕐 06-29-10 10:41 AMbusterinit
Happy Snapper
Thanks Stephen.
New to this so have taken your advice and made it my Avetar.
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