Comments by Philip Bishop

🕐 05-23-16 1:21 PMphilbishop
Green Hairstreak
Used a PN-11 extension tube with the 135mm lens. Taken at Noar Hill Hampshire.
🕐 05-21-16 10:49 AMphilbishop
The flower
Lovely image
🕐 10-7-13 11:43 AMphilbishop
Common Darter with RX100
Thanks. Its a nice camera to have in the pocket for moments like this. Cant carry the D3s and zf100 all the time!
🕐 10-26-12 12:05 PMphilbishop
Photo 23726
Have to agree with the others, an excellent series, and this is the one I like best.
🕐 10-26-12 12:01 PMphilbishop
Carl's Valley
Gave it a 5-I really like this.
🕐 10-4-12 12:05 PMphilbishop
Photo 23189
Superb sequence of images. This is my favourite too.
🕐 09-14-12 12:18 PMphilbishop
The Bird Wheat
By: smok53
love it
🕐 09-9-12 11:27 AMphilbishop
🕐 11-11-11 9:29 AMphilbishop
Padley Gorge
Lovely. Only been to Padley once, earlier this year, I must go back some time.
🕐 10-20-11 1:25 PMphilbishop
Photo 15197
Thanks for the comments everyone.
🕐 04-13-11 2:55 AMphilbishop
Photo 10250
By: ajayc
Wonderful. Love the limited depth of field of the F1.4 lens and the bokeh.
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