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🕐 04-22-12 6:48 AMfurfix
Fast Flowing Stream
By: furfix
Thank you! Unfortunately I cannot lay claim to having captured a bat, I wish I could!
🕐 07-24-10 6:13 AMfurfix
By: ajayc
Hi ajayc, judging from your 3 other images you seem to have a talent for the beautiful, colourful, and mood. i think this is lovely.
🕐 07-24-10 6:10 AMfurfix
The Langdales
i love the composition on this-and anyone who loves cats cant be wrong!
🕐 07-24-10 6:08 AMfurfix
Photo 2968
By: daxi
Hi Daxi, i think the compostition, colours and lighting on this photo is great! well done.
popflash photo

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