Comments by Thomas Cowing

🕐 12-17-17 12:06 PMthomascowing
Photo 33798
By: jeroen
Beautiful. Very much in this image to see.
🕐 12-17-17 12:02 PMthomascowing
Crack Face
Very unique look. I really like the shallow DOF.
🕐 12-17-17 12:00 PMthomascowing
Tsimane Portrait 2
By: mbraun
Great Portrait! So much expression in the face.
🕐 12-17-17 11:56 AMthomascowing
Living in The Pagoda in Myanmar
By: ct999
Beautiful light.
🕐 12-17-17 11:54 AMthomascowing
Fabienne in mango skirt
By: paqart
Great light. Very Beautiful.
🕐 12-17-17 11:45 AMthomascowing
Photo 590
Beautiful Eyes!
🕐 12-17-17 11:41 AMthomascowing
Photo 240
By: JT
Love the colors. Now I want the Makro Planar;)
🕐 12-17-17 1:55 AMthomascowing
Coit Tower
Coit Tower is not normally Orange, but the City had changed the color of the lights to honor the SF Giants wining the championship. The fog is coming in and covering the top of the buildings downtown. Shot from Alcatraz Island.
🕐 12-17-17 12:33 AMthomascowing
Full of colour
The yellow, green and blue really work well.
🕐 12-15-17 9:25 PMthomascowing
Photo 53061
By: zek
Beautiful: It reminds me of the 1940's and 50's classic film noir movies.
🕐 12-15-17 4:58 PMthomascowing
San Andreas Fog
At certain times of year (typically Spring and Summer), the marine layer (fog) over the ocean rolls over the coastal hills of California and stays low to the ground.
🕐 12-15-17 3:45 PMthomascowing
In the Wetlands
By: walter
Beautiful colors. I could get lost in this photo for a long time...very nice.
🕐 12-14-17 11:21 PMthomascowing
Photo 4467
Great light! Very nice portrait.
🕐 12-14-17 11:00 PMthomascowing
Self Portrait
Cool Portrait. Very Nice!
🕐 12-14-17 8:36 PMthomascowing
Alaskan Ice
I shot this with Fuji Reala c-41 film, but I really liked the way it looked when I converted it to B&W.
🕐 12-12-17 10:25 PMthomascowing
I love the light. Very beautiful.
🕐 11-26-17 8:57 PMthomascowing
Light is life
By: ahm998
Great Image! Really like the mood that the torch and light bring.
🕐 01-1-17 5:50 PMthomascowing
The Old SF-Oakland Bay Bridge
Fuji Velvia 50
🕐 01-1-17 5:49 PMthomascowing
Victoria BC Night XMAS
Fuji Natura 1600 ASA Film
🕐 01-1-17 5:48 PMthomascowing
Fuji Natura 1600 ASA Film
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