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🕐 08-31-10 8:51 AMgary cook
Photo 2596
Very cool. Would love to know the post processing.
🕐 08-3-10 7:47 AMgary cook
"Choir Stalls & Organ, Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England"
White balance looks perfect and wide range of values. No pattern noise in shadows that I can see. It is something I have to be careful of on my 5D Mark II. Is this a single shot or did you do HDR with multiple frames?
🕐 06-22-10 10:22 AMgary cook
Trees and Lake
Thank you. I used Lightroom3 grain for first time here. I am glad it worked out.
🕐 06-22-10 1:42 AMgary cook
Trees and Lake
This scene is on the Pepperdine University school campus. It is right next door to Malibu California.
🕐 06-20-10 4:53 AMgary cook
Disney Concert Hall
I have riposted photo with dust removed. Thanks for the catch Stephen.
🕐 06-19-10 12:27 PMgary cook
Mist Trail Yosemite
By: paky
How perfect. No improvement possible.
popflash photo

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