Comments by Howard

🕐 03-5-11 5:32 PMhowdex
Photo 7376
By: howdex
has an old time film feel to it
🕐 02-25-11 8:08 PMhowdex
Photo 5686
By: howdex
when i took the photo the butterfly was one of several interesting components adding to the colour of this composition.
🕐 12-1-10 11:21 AMhowdex
Photo 3884
how did you obtain the sharpness and in focus detail on this moving bug??
🕐 12-1-10 11:19 AMhowdex
Photo 7375
i like that you used f 5.6 i think the overall in focus detail is what makes this photo outstanding
🕐 11-29-10 6:40 PMhowdex
Photo 3884
marvellous portrait
🕐 07-22-10 1:41 PMhowdex
Photo 3107
By: howdex
Thanks. I try to upload photos that show the dimension of these lenses with their sharpness and depth of colour but more importantly the "feel" that they impart to a picture.
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