Comments by Peter Elgar

🕐 08-9-17 1:19 PMmediumformatfan
Fallen Tree
testing my 180mm f4 Cfi Sonnar T* -- I still think the 135mm f4.5 'Blue Dot' Sekor set on my C220 beats it.
🕐 06-21-17 1:40 AMmediumformatfan
Fruit Seller
I got that lens for £10 at a 'Car Boot Sale' here in England. It is marked 'made in Japan under licence from Carl Zeiss Jena. '
🕐 10-25-15 8:21 AMmediumformatfan
Danish Seals. Lago Pehoe, Chile.
you could have offered to cuddle them up and use your 'Body Heat' to warm them --- unless you had a WIFE watching --- !
🕐 10-8-15 5:50 AMmediumformatfan
Toadstools, Utah.
We had a show of this very area by a Husband and Wife team who came to Brentwood Photographic Club last Friday !!
🕐 01-11-15 3:54 AMmediumformatfan
Photo 42144
By: dierk
Good lighting and exposure but I wish you had not cut off the top of his head.
🕐 12-1-14 12:30 PMmediumformatfan
Bridge over non-troubled water
Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar, 07/1991 dated Agfa Pan 100 rated 64 ASA in Rodinal 1+50 14 mins
🕐 09-6-14 7:56 AMmediumformatfan
50mm f1.4 Zeiss Planar test
I found the Contax RTS II Quartz had some 'light leaks' such as the reddish area on THIS photo -- I had already replaced the rotten mirror bumper foam so now i had to take off the door and replace two strips of foam there -- door now fits well and NO light leaks !
🕐 08-30-14 7:18 AMmediumformatfan
i have just processed some B&W film taken with this CONTAX and the ones at full aperture are no sharper than my 50mm f1.4 SMC Pentax on my 1973 Spotmatic F .
🕐 08-26-14 4:52 AMmediumformatfan
Carl Zeiss Biometar on Pentacon Six
Yes -- I still use the camera occasionally and upload to here and Flickr. I have some old ex-RAF lenses I use with adapters including a 1943 Kodak Aero-Ektar 178mm f2.5 lens
🕐 06-18-14 2:09 AMmediumformatfan
Sadly Bart died two weeks ago -- fitting that the last photo taken of him was with the Rolleiflex he gave me with the Zeiss Planar lens.
🕐 01-8-14 4:53 AMmediumformatfan
Photo 35355
By: cyra
Good B&W treatment which suits the subject.
🕐 01-8-14 4:51 AMmediumformatfan
Summer Dip
By: ibbz
Very well timed - good job it's not the River Severn here in England or he would be swept away in the floods ---
🕐 01-8-14 4:48 AMmediumformatfan
Punjabi Girl
By: ibbz
Softer lighting on this one so good detail on face and in eyes.
🕐 01-8-14 4:47 AMmediumformatfan
The ferryman
By: ibbz
Could have done with some 'Fill-in Flash'.
🕐 12-20-13 4:42 AMmediumformatfan
Mr. Bah
By: czar
The 'off-centre' composition works well here as the pattern on the wall plaster leads the eye to the sitter.
🕐 12-20-13 4:40 AMmediumformatfan
Oudaya Wall, Rabat
By: czar
Good study in contrasting colours -- looks like Marrakesh.
🕐 12-20-13 4:38 AMmediumformatfan
Delftware of Gouda, Gouda Museum
Good 'Record' Photography.
🕐 12-20-13 4:37 AMmediumformatfan
wild night
Too dark and it looks like you have some 'Camera-Shake'
🕐 12-20-13 4:36 AMmediumformatfan
Photo 34849
The grain and high contrast SUIT this subject matter and turns it into a good 'Abstract'
🕐 12-20-13 4:35 AMmediumformatfan
Photo 34850
Too contrasty and shows a lot of grain for the subject matter.
popflash photo

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